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They say stupid, I say unique
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Music of the month <3

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Bersamanya, bukan berarti kamu tak pernah patah hati. Tapi hanya dengannya, kamu punya alasan untuk terus jatuh cinta lagi.
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Great ART! I found this on my twitter timelie. Create for good. Stand against bullying. Contribute your piece to #TheBULLYProjectMural: 
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tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?


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Travelling to Lombok

On 13 September 2014, me and my aunty with her husband joined a vacation to Lombok. The vacation was held by my uncle’s office. Around five bus has gathered at parking lot his office. On 2 a.m. sharp we leaved Malang to go Juanda airport. We spent five until six hours to go there, I mean Lombok. My first impression when I set my foot at Lombok International Airport, I felt so exited. I thinked I’ll visited Lombok for twice.

The tour guide explained to us about many things about Lombok. And we had a chance to visited a place called Gili Trawangan. I don’t knew about Gili Trawangan before. The tour guide said that Gili Trawangan had a good scenery and it made me very curious. But, to go there was not easy like I thinked. We must took traditional boat, which have capacity just for maximum 20 people. On the way to Gili Trawangan, our boat was shaked by big wave in the sea. With traditional boat we’re required about 30 – 45 minutes. Yeah, finally after 30 minutes we were in the ocean, we arived at Gili Trawangan. And the tour guide was truly true if Gili Trawangan had a beautiful scenery. The blue oceans is once I loved in there. Gili Trawangan  is a beach. And the good side from this beach is quite and very calm. Many foreigners from many countries was gathered. Most of them was sun bathing, swimming,  and readed a book.

At Gili Trawangan we can saw Tukik’s breeding. There are a lot of tukik but visitors don’t allowed to gave food for them. So, most of visitors just saw and then they take a picture of the tukik. The atmosphere at Gili Trawangan like Bali’s atmosphere. We can heard traditional instrument music when we walked away and just sight seeing in rows of the stores. Not only that, rental bycycle are available in here. Some visitors rent a bycycle to go cycling around Gili Trawangan. You need to paid Rp 20.000 for 1 hour cycling around. It is really cheap right?

After relax in one cafe, the tour guide said that the time is up. Time was went so fast. So we must went back to the bus. Again, we took traditional boat. Unfortunately, we went back on 3 pm, and that time waves in Gili Trawangan more bigger than before. One people said, we must wear a life vest. Some people got headache, and vomit. All of people in traditional boat was scared except me. The sensation of the big waves was so challenging.

Around 3.40 pm we back to our bus, then continued our trip. The next trip is went to hotel. Our group stayed in Jayakarta hotel. Jayakarta hotel is one of some best hotels in Lombok, which had three stars. I got room number 24. I thinked I’ll stayed in this room alone, actually not. A girl came into my room and knocked the door, and…. I don’t know who she is. She told that she’s my roomate. Actually, I made a little conversation with her, about her name & occupation.

When the sun goes down, I looked around hotel. In the backyard we can saw two swimming pool. One for children, one for adults. I really enjoyed every beautiful places in here. Behind Jayakarta hotel, there is a beach. The view for that moment is the best I ever knew. We can saw the skies are clear without cloud, so the view of the sunsets is great. The beach is clean, without any garbage. Sands in there have color little bit black. If we want buy some bracelets, key chain, necklace from imitation  pearl you can buy there.

Next day, we are checked out from Jayakarta hotel at 8 am. We will visited Gem Pearl. Gem Pearl is shop which sell many real pearl. I think, for all girl who likes accesories also anything pearl’s stuff, this place is recommended. The pearls had price around Rp 70.000 – Rp 3.000.000. The differences are in their bold of color and percent, but it can closed the way to negotiate with the  seller.

Our next trip is Lombok Exotic. I thiked this shop seems like Joger. Because they sell T-shirt, Sandals, Pants, and many more with Lombok Exotic’s logo. But, don’t differenciate the cost between Joger and Lombok Exotic. The cost of things at Lombok Exotic are cheaper than Joger. Exactly, because Joger had a good quality.

And then, we went to Lestari. A place which sell typical food of Lombok, like seaweed candy, tomato candy, many kinds of chips and kerupuk, honey, and wild horse milk. You must take the food fast as you can. Many people in here will made you like can not breath. So crowded. Don’t worry about the cost, because all is cheap, except coffee bean from some city in Indonesia.

Last, we went to Rambitan Sade. In there you can saw a custom house of Sasak ethnic group. The minus is they don’t have enough parking lot. Yeah, don’t mind about that. A tour guide will leads you to looked around Rambitan Sade. For your information, some people Sasak etnic group are lived in custom house. The architecure is unique, the roof is made from straw. Our tour guide said that the roof are durabled until 6 years. Wow is it strong enough, right??

That’s all what I want to told about my travelling experience. Trip to Lombok, a trip unforgetable :) 



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March, 19 2014

Berawal dari insiden ‘kebablasan’ semua jadi berjalan dengan tak semestinya. Tapi, perjalanan ke tempat les pun menjadi hal yang menyenangkan, ditambah dengan langit cerah yang berwarna orange. Langit senja hari ini kembali mengingatkanku untuk tetap semangat, bahagia, dan selalu tersenyum menghadapi setiap hal yang terjadi. Bersyukur masih bisa menikmati karya Tuhan yang begitu indah.

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Capturing White Day Celebrations on Instagram

To see more photos and videos of White Day celebrations, browse the #whiteday, #ホワイトデー and #화이트데이 hashtags on Instagram.

On Friday, Japan, South Korea and other East Asian countries celebrate White Day, a day when men return Valentine favors to women. Unlike in Western cultures where couples exchange their mutual love on Valentine’s Day, in these countries the holiday is considered a day for women to show their love and appreciation for men by handing out chocolates and small gifts. In return, men are expected to return the favor a month later on March 14.

White Day has its origin in late 1970s Japan when a local confectionery company in Southern Japan started to market the idea with marshmallows, calling it Marshmallow Day. Now, the day is widely celebrated across East Asia, with gifts varying from candies and flowers, to more expensive fancy dinners and jewelry.

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Local Lens: Exploring the Nature of Belo Horizonte with @fredbandeira

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. For more photos and videos from Frederico’s favorite places around Belo Horizonte, explore the Savassi, Praça da Liberdade, Serra do Curral and Lagoa dos Ingleses location pages and follow @fredbandeira on Instagram.

“My city, Belo Horizonte, is certainly a huge creative inspiration. Like most people who live here, I am in love with this place. Belo Horizonte, affectionately called ‘BH,’ has a population of over 3 million but still has that welcoming, small town feel,” says Belo Horizonte Instagrammer Frederico Mattos (@fredbandeira), whose shots mostly capture his day-to-day life. “I could be driving, walking or biking somewhere and all of a sudden I’ll realize that I’m in front of a potentially beautiful shot—and I’ll stop to record that moment.”

Within the urban parts of the city, Frederico heads to Savassi, a local mall, to capture portraits of the eye-catching characters who hang out there. For a dose of the city’s rich culture, Frederico recommends Praça da Liberdade: “It is the city’s most charming square which also houses Brazil’s largest cultural center.”

To experience Belo Horizonte’s natural sights, Frederico hikes up to Serra do Curral. “One of the city’s landmarks, this mountain gives Belo Horizonte a very unique energy.” The Lagoa dos Ingleses is also among Frederico’s favorite spots in “a special corner of the city where nature and beautiful landscapes meet water sports.”

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